Gospel Centred

We're amazed at the love God has demonstrated for us through the death of Jesus Christ in our place. We were guilty of sin and worthy of punishment from God, but instead he showed us mercy. We want to continually grow in our amazement at God's grace. God's grace is what brings us together. And grace is the truth that we want to always have at the centre of our lives.


Word Based

We find our direction as a church and as individuals in God's word, where the truth of the gospel and its implications for our lives are revealed. This is why solid, biblical preaching and teaching is such a priority at Sovereign Grace Church. We want all our members to be growing in the knowledge of God's word.



We want to be people who are led by God's Spirit. We need the Holy Spirit to understand God's word, to know Him truly, and to obey Him fully. We want to see His gifts among us, building each other up and bringing glory to God.


We see in Scriptures a clear call to be growing in fellowship and rich, God-centred relationships. We're commited to 'doing life' together.



Because of the joy we feel in knowing Jesus and the command of God's word, we can't help but share the good news!! We are passionate about faithfully sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ alone with anyone who will listen!

Our full statement of faith | Our Seven Shared Values

Leadership Team

Dave Taylor

Lead Pastor

Dave moved to Sydney from the UK with his family in June 2010 to become our Lead Pastor and plant Sovereign Grace Church. Dave is passionate about the good news of Jesus and seeing it spread throughout Sydney.

Brendan Willis


Brendan is a Pastor at Sovereign Grace and oversees mission and biblical studies. Brendan is married to Charlotte and together they live in Waitara.

Patrick Chavez

Pastoral Candidate

Patrick is married to Meg and they live together with their 7 children in Hornsby Heights. Patrick serves as a Pastoral Candidate and oversees our community life ministries.

Core Team

Oliver Pearce

Core Team - Finance

Oliver works full time as a Chartered Accountant and serves on our board of directors. Married to Janelle he is passionate about the gospel and represents the board of directors on the Core Team.

Janelle Pearce

Core Team - Kids

Janelle works full time as an Assistant Principal at Normanhurst West Public School. Janelle is passionate about kids coming to know Jesus and she leads our kids ministry. 

Jesse Fenn

Core Team - Music

Jesse works full time as an Environmental Laboratory Technician and lives in Arcadia with his wife Liz and their two children. Jesse leads our worship ministry.

Emma Taylor

Core Team - Women's Ministry

Emma is married to Dave and works full time as a Mum looking after five young kids. Emma is passionate about helping women grow in love for Jesus and she leads our womens ministry.

Meg Chavez

Core Team - Women's Ministry

Meg is married to Patrick and works full time as a mum caring for their seven children at their home in Hornsby Heights. Meg is passionate about women growing in love for Jesus and assists Emma in leading our women's ministry.

Riley Spring

Core Team - Youth

Riley works full time as a youth worker at Barker College and lives in Waitara with his wife Maddison and their two young kids. Riley is passionate about youth coming to know Jesus and he leads our Youth ministry.