Fight Club: Taking the fight to sin - Session 3: ENVY

Rob Viuya

Envy is the feeling of unhappiness at the blessings of others. It grows through the feeding of ingratitude and pride, and is considered more dangerous than wrath and anger. It works in stealth & likely to hurt people close to them that the question posed in Proverbs 27:4 is chilling - "...but who can stand before envy?"

The redeemed people of God can. They need to fight with a thankful and a trusting heart. It's only with this heart that they will see the lies of envy. Not only will the redeemed be grateful for the past & present grace, but they will also trust for the future grace that God has in store for them.

Joe Rigney summarizes it this way:
"I am not defined by the blessings of others; I am defined by the grace of God. Therefore, I will refuse to measure myself by a false standard. I will resist the compulsive and relentless urge to compete with everyone under the sun (especially those who are called to do the same things that I am)."