Praise in the Gathering - Why We Do What We Do and Opportunities to Grow

Jesse Fenn
Bible passage: 
Psalm 145:3

Join us as this Sunday our Music Director, Jesse Fenn brings to us the Word on this topical message about Praise in the Gathering.

Looking at Psalm 145:3 and taking us on a systematic journey through Scripture looking at the doctrine of praise and worship, Jesse shows us that "God is unsearchably great. And therefore the praise that is given Him should reflect his greatness. Because our great God deserves great praise"

And so, in his message Jesse answers these two questions

How do we praise him greatly? What has he given us in his Word to inform and instruct our gathered praise?

by showing us 3 things that we must engage with the help of the Holy Spirit and our willing obedience to praise him in a manner that reflect his greatness

1. Our Hearts
2. Our Songs
3. Our Bodies