Preparing To Share A Prophetic Word On Sunday

What a wonderful time we had as a church meeting with God during our 2019 Retreat! It’s been so encouraging to see the church continue to step out in faith and practice the gift of prophecy over the last few Sundays.

One of the things that will really help to serve the pastoral team as they prepare to lead the church in worship on a Sunday morning is to share in advance with the pastor on the microphone any sense of a word you may have received. To find out who is on the microphone on any given week simply jump on Elvanto, click into the full service roster view and scroll down to the pastoral team.

If you could then sms or chat with the pastor on the roster before the service that will help them to spend some time praying and discerning how to share that word during the Sunday gathering.

Let’s keep coming prepared every week to be used by God in any way He sees fit!

Brendan Willis
Bookshop News

Hello Everyone, 

The Pastoral Team made a great effort putting together a book resource list for us at the beginning of the year and I happy to announce that we have it all in stock! Have you passed by lately? 

Father’s Day is fast approaching too! Here is a list with great books for him…All at church’s bookshop!

  • Devotional Life:Habits of Grace

  • Finances:         A Biblical Guide to Manage God’s Money

  • Manhood:       Fathers and Sons, Stand Fast in the Way of Truth

    •  The Masculine Mandate, God’s Calling to Men

    • Point Man, How Can a Man Lead His Family

    • Finishing Strong, Going the Distance for your Family

  • Parenting:        The Duties of Parents

    • Age of Opportunity, A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens

    • Parenting

    • Shepherding a Child’s Heart

  • Sanctification:  Humility, True Greatness

  • Wisdom:          Finding the Will of God

  • Work:               Every Good Endeavour, Connecting Your Work to God’s Work

We have gift vouchers as well and thanks to our beautiful Kylie Moore one of her Handmade Cards will be included with every purchase when you mention that the book will be a gift.

The bookshop volunteers will be happy to help you anytime! Come and say hello.


Dave Taylor
Sunday Recap: More Than Meets the Eye...

This week at church we spent time praying for Sovereign Grace Churches in the US. What a privilege to be able to partner with our church family from around the world through prayer, knowing that the Lord both hears and acts upon our prayers.

Pastor Dave preached on just four words - “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13). At first glance it may seem straight forward and easy, but as we found out there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Dave brought some particularly thought provoking observations in the area of how this applies to us living in Sydney in 2019.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the sermon yet, or want to go over it again (so worth doing!) you can listen or download it from here.

20190630_150602 1.jpg
Glen Jones
Young Adults Teaching Night: Relationships

In two weeks time we’re coming together to talk about all things relationships. Should I be dating? What should I be looking for? How far is too far? Dinner starts at 7PM so bring $$ for dinner and your Qs for a Q&A discussion. RSVP to Jess Charles: 0430 020 497‬.


In the mean time here are some ideas of wonderful books you can read to prepare you for the night:

Gerald Hiestand & Jay Thomas. ‘Sex, Dating & Relationships: A Fresh Approach’


It’s common to hear people say that the Bible doesn’t really have much to say about dating and relationships. Therefore, what follows is more about setting in place rules and boundaries that you feel right about. In this provocative little book Hiestand & Thomas knock that myth on the head and help us to see that the Bible does in fact have a lot to say about all of our relationships. Contact Brendan if you’d like to purchase a copy.

Marshall Segall. ‘Not Yet Married: The Pursuit of Joy in Singleness & Dating’.


In this wonderful book Marshall shares a lot of his own battle in finding contentment in Christ amidst a prolonged season of singleness. With great insight into some of the peculiar struggles of being single, this book provides great wisdom in how to find contentment in Christ both in singleness and in dating. Available at the bookshop!

Brendan Willis
Honouring Your Parents When It Is Tough

Obeying the 5th Commandment isn’t always easy. Our backgrounds, cultures, family history, and sinful nature, can make this a very confusing area in following Jesus. After I preached on Exodus 20:12 ,“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you”, I had quite a few people asking me more questions like, “what do I do when my parents are dishonourable?”. “my culture demands honour and obedience, but what do I do when that clashes with what God calls me to do?”, “how do I do this as an adult?”, “I feel like I am split between my parents culture and Australian culture, what do I do?”. With every family there are unique circumstances and I encourage you to seek counsel as you go about determining how best to figure this out. But I thought I would send through a few articles that I found helpful in addressing some elements of these questions:

Riley Spring
Promoting SG Parramatta

If you know anyone in Parramatta who could benefit from our new church plant here are some ways you can let them know about us:




  4. You can download these images and send them to them :)

  5. We have a “Welcome BBQ” happening on Saturday Aug. 31 at Arthur Philip park in Northmead as a way of connecting with new people

  6. We launch on Sept. 15 at 10AM at Tara Junior School!

SG Parra Generic Postcard-FINAL03[1].jpg
SG Parra Generic Postcard-FINAL03[2].jpg
Riley Spring
SG Youth Parents - This Friday Evening

This Friday Night, SG Youth Parent’s, you are all invited to 29 Exeter Road, Wahroonga for some fellowship & snack food & a fire. We’ll also have a discussion on the Podcast with the Kauflins. Looking forward to our time together.

Come for 7:30 PM

Patrick Chavez
Youth - Hot Topics

Hey SG Youth - this week we have Hot Topics for you.

Riley will be speaking on: ‘The Wonder of the Local Church’.

Meeting at the offices for 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

SG Youth 2.png
Patrick Chavez
Young Adults: Fireside Night

This coming Sunday we head to the Gardner’s for a chill night with good friends and good food by the fire. Bring $$ for dinner and get ready for a great time!

RSVP to Heather: ‭‭0457 233 308‬

Brendan Willis
Youth This Week

This week for our youth it’s “Scavenger Hunt” time!!

  • 7.30 - 9.30pm

  • Start & Finish at SG Offices - 21/7 Sefton Road, Thornleigh.

  • Please complete parental permission slip and come ready to have a whole lot of fun!!

Dave Taylor
Sunday Recap: BAPTISMS!
SG Generic with Dave.jpg

What a joy it was to celebrate this past Sunday as we baptised 8 people. It was so encouraging to hear their testimonies of how the Lord graciously brought each of them to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Just before the baptisms Pastor Dave gave an excellent sermon on baptism - what it is, what it means, and why we do it. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to it - it would be well worth your time.

You can download or listen to the sermon here.

Let’s continue to pray for those baptised, that the Lord would bless them with more of His Spirit and that they would walk in the joyful assurance of faith that comes through baptism.

Glen Jones

As we get ready to plant SG Parramatta in just 4 weeks time, our rostering at SG Wahroonga is moving to a 4 week rotation for each area of service. We’ve been working hard to spread the load among us all, so that we can best serve one another and avoid roster clashes or over burdened volunteers! What a privilege to serve one another as Christ served us, and in it, to facilitate the planting of a new Sovereign Grace church in this city!

We’re planning to put out the new roster next week.

The reality is that for some of us, the new roster will actually mean we’re serving less than we were before, or in slightly different roles. But it also means that for others, especially our new members or those who haven’t been serving till now, there’s space to step into a role and meaningfully serve our church family.

So we’re looking for the following volunteers to volunteer one in 4 weeks:

Coffee / Barista - 2 people needed

SG Kids Rego - 6 people needed

If you’re not already rostered on doing something, then please consider volunteering for one of these roles. You can contact our church administrator: Glen Jones or text/whatsapp 0433730304.

Glen Jones
What's happened to the podcast??

If you’re subscribed to the SG podcast and have been wondering why it’s not updating with the latest sermons - as all good technicians will tell you…. “we’re working on it!”

We recently made changes to the back end of our website and part of that process has involved changing how the podcast gets updated. Thanks so much for your patience as we get that sorted. We’ll have more information on that coming soon.

In the mean time, please go to our website to download or listen to recent sermons, including all the RETREAT 2019 sermons, and our current series in Exodus.

Glen Jones
RETREAT 2019! Recap

What an incredible retreat we had this year! Overwhelming JOY!

So many stories of how God met with us, encouraged us, brought healing, increased our affections for him, energised us for mission, released gifts, and cultivated unity among us. Praise the Lord! We look forward to sharing some of those stories with you in coming blogs and testimonies on Sundays, but in the mean time - please share with one another the stories of how the time at retreat has impacted you personally.

Mark Prater and the team from Covenant Fellowship Church in Philadelphia were such a blessing to us, and we want to encourage you to continue to pray for them that they would also be refreshed in the Lord.

Mark’s messages from the retreat are available on our website to listen or download. Mark not only brings the truth of God’s Word on this topic, but so much wisdom and pastoral experience as well. As we seek to grow in our use of the gift of prophecy and spiritual gifts together as a church, it would be worth your time going over them again.

Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.
— 1 Corinthians 14:1

Glen Jones
Sunday Recap: A Weighty Command

August 4th 2019 at Sovereign Grace

As we headed back into our series in Exodus, Pastor Riley Spring took us deep into the fifth commandment - to honour your father and mother (Exodus 20:12). How amazing to see that this command from the Lord, given thousands of years ago is so relevant to our lives today. With searing application to both children (which is all of us!) and parents, Riley helped us see how obeying this command not only bears good fruit in our lives, but ultimately glorifies the Lord as we picture our relationship with our heavenly Father.

You can listen or download the sermon here.

20190623_014315373_iOS 2.jpg
To honour your father and mother is to treat them with respect and esteem because of
their God-given position of authority
— Paul Tripp


We also welcomed in our newest members of Sovereign Grace Sydney. What a privilege to welcome brothers and sisters into our family, to encourage and build up, and to partner together as we know, apply and proclaim the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. If you’re an existing member, look for them on Sunday and take the time to get to know them. Invite them over for a meal!

Equipped For Gospel Community Leadership
Equipped 4GCL_slide.jpg

Ever wondered what it’d take to be a Gospel Community Leader? Well, wonder no more!!

If you’d like to be trained up and get a clearer view of what’s involved in leading a Gospel Community then please sign up for this 4 part course. It’ll involve a 4 night commitment, plus a commitment to 4 lots of homework. If you’re keen then let us know ok… Everyone welcome!! (

Dave Taylor
New Sovereign Grace Music Album Released

When God sent his Son to save a people for his glory, he didn’t specify what kind of music they should use to praise him. He just said his redeemed choir would be made up of people from every tribe, people, language, and nation (Rev. 5:9). In fact, the Bible contains a surprising variety of ways we can praise God with music: alone and with others, structured and spontaneous, simple and complex, accompanied and a cappella. No one style can express the vastness of God’s attributes and deeds or the multitude of appropriate ways we can respond to him. With that in mind, this album brings together different musical and cultural backgrounds united in the same purpose: to sing to the Lamb, to sing loud, and to sing together (Rev. 5:9-13Ps. 47:1Ps. 34:3).

Bob Kauflin & Joe Pace

(Click Here to take a look & listen)

Dave Taylor
Parramatta Public Info Night

On Thursday 8th August at 7:30PM at Tara Anglican Junior School we are hosting a public information night. The purpose of this night is to invite christians in the area who are interested in joining the church plant or hearing about it, so that they can meet our team and be more informed! It should be a great night!

If you would like to come and be a helper on the night, your help would be appreciated so that more of our team can be there to welcome guests etc. We will need helpers for carpark, coffee, set up, hospitality, and pack down!

Please let me, Riley, know by emailing! Thanks!

Riley Spring
Prayer & Praise - This Wednesday!

As we kick off term 3 together we’re keen to gather in the Opal Room for prayer and praise.

It’s shaping up to be a wonderful term ahead, but oh how we need Him! Please come and join us as we praise Him, give thanks to Him, and make out requests known to Him for His glory.

Prayer n Praise Ngt_slide.jpg
Dave Taylor