Our Exodus Devotional Series Is Back!

This week we launched back into our Exodus series with Brendan preaching on Sunday about the Passover from Exodus 12:14–28. We’ve also restarted our weekly devotional series which you should have received on Monday. If you missed it, check your junk mail and/or sign-up here. You can also access our Exodus companion guide here.

Each devotional has 2 parts.

The first part contains questions for The Circle. The Circle is any gathering of people (e.g. around the dinner table at home, during office lunch, with a friend etc.) where you can share with others what you’ve learned from God’s word on Sunday.

The second part contains questions your leader might decide to use in your Gospel Community. You can have a read through those questions during the week to help you prepare in advance for your GC.

Hope you meet with God as we read Exodus together!