Our CAP Debt Centre Is At Capacity!

Almost four months into the year and our Hornsby CAP Debt Centre is running at full capacity! We are currently supporting 2 new clients every month which is very encouraging! People form all walks of life come to us and seek support with their unmanageable debts. There are often many tears and we regularly listen to heartbreaking stories of grief and loss, sickness, addictions, relationship breakdowns and all sorts of hardships. How good is it that we can offer prayer and share the glorious news of the gospel with our clients! Pointing our clients to the One who has cancelled all their debts is such a privilege and it is actually the only real hope for the people who walk through our doors. Combining this real hope with practical support is what our calling as a local church and our debt centre is all about. Offering clients support with managing their debts has been life changing for the clients we meet. Sometimes it is literally lifesaving! 

Unfortunately, a number of CAP clients have contemplated and some even attempted suicide. This is to show how devastating debts can be and how it can affect a person’s life. This reminds me of one client in particular who I met and who felt like it was not worth living anymore. Debts accumulated, issues with additions became unmanageable, no friends were around, and bills kept coming in. This client worked 7 days a week to meet the expenses and the debt re-payments. But the money just disappeared. There was no hope – no solution and no-one to turn to. Praise God for his kindness to bring this person to our Debt Centre. I prayed with this client, reminded them of God’s love for them even through they were in this dreadful situation. CAP Head Office was able to help this client with a solution that would manage the debts. This client had actually given up – wanted to die several times. They are now surrounded with supports – from CAP, myself and CAP volunteers who follow them up and befriend them.  What a blessing that we can be part of such a great ministry and being the hands and feet of Jesus in our community!

Please keep praying for CAP; our centre is currently booked out and we are seeing lots of new clients which is very encouraging. Please pray that these individuals will meet their saviour and also find the practical support their need. And please pray for us as we are supporting these clients either in meetings or by following them up in the community.   

If you are interested in serving as a CAP volunteer, please contact me: christina.williams@capaust.org.au.