Bahamas Volunteer Work Teams


Hey Guys,

Please see the e-mail below from Cedric Moss, Sr. Pastor of Kingdom Life Church in Nassau, Bahamas. Beyond financially supporting the relief efforts through the Bahama Hurricane Relief Fund, Cedric needs practical help through the means of Volunteer Work Teams. Please consider if this might be a possibility for you?

If you are interested in traveling to The Bahamas and participating on a Volunteer Work Team, please see the online form below…

I’m getting in touch to ask if you would kindly send out a note to make folk aware of the volunteer work teams we are looking to put together to come and serve in Abaco and Grand Bahama in the restoration and reconstruction efforts, once that phase begins in about two or so months. Here’s the link to the online Volunteer Work Team Interest Form where persons can express their interest. We will add their names to our list and subsequently inform them f various opportunities to volunteer for consideration.

The initial relief phase is a sprint, but the restoration and rebuilding phase is a marathon, so hopefully those who desire to serve in this way would be able to find a convenient window in which to do so.



Dave Taylor