Bookshop News

Hello Everyone, 

The Pastoral Team made a great effort putting together a book resource list for us at the beginning of the year and I happy to announce that we have it all in stock! Have you passed by lately? 

Father’s Day is fast approaching too! Here is a list with great books for him…All at church’s bookshop!

  • Devotional Life:Habits of Grace

  • Finances:         A Biblical Guide to Manage God’s Money

  • Manhood:       Fathers and Sons, Stand Fast in the Way of Truth

    •  The Masculine Mandate, God’s Calling to Men

    • Point Man, How Can a Man Lead His Family

    • Finishing Strong, Going the Distance for your Family

  • Parenting:        The Duties of Parents

    • Age of Opportunity, A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens

    • Parenting

    • Shepherding a Child’s Heart

  • Sanctification:  Humility, True Greatness

  • Wisdom:          Finding the Will of God

  • Work:               Every Good Endeavour, Connecting Your Work to God’s Work

We have gift vouchers as well and thanks to our beautiful Kylie Moore one of her Handmade Cards will be included with every purchase when you mention that the book will be a gift.

The bookshop volunteers will be happy to help you anytime! Come and say hello.


Dave Taylor