Missions Week This Week

This week is a special week on our church calendar as we make space for mission! Part of our new identity as followers of Jesus is that we are missionaries! Jesus calls every disciple to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20) and so part of our journey in following Jesus must involve seeking to share Christ with others.

As a pastoral team we’re aware that life in Sydney can be super busy so once a month we try and clear the calendar to allow space for sharing Christ with our neighbours and friends… we call this Missions Week!

Not sure where to start? As a church we think about Mission according to four simple steps called C4. This is simply a resource to help the 99.9% of Christians (myself included) who find sharing Jesus super hard. These four simple steps are:
1. Connect: Who don’t I know? You might not have anyone to share Jesus with at the moment, in which case step 1 is the place for you. Maybe this week you could bake some cookies and knock on your neighbours unit? Maybe you could join a sports team?
2. Care: Who could I radically love? Is there someone in your life that you could radically love? A lonely neighbour? Someone suffering from an illness? A person walking through unemployment? Seek to show costly love and hospitality to them!
3. Communicate: Have I shared Jesus with them? Who do you need to share the beautiful message of the gospel with? Are you prepared to risk rejection and cross the pain line? Who could you ask the question, ‘What’s your church background?’
4. Call: Who needs to be challenged to put their faith in Jesus? Could you ask them, ‘What is stopping you from placing your faith in Jesus’.

If you’d like some more ideas for this week we’ve also prepared a Missions Week cheat sheet which you can download here.

We’re praying for you all as a pastoral team as you step out in faith this week and join the unstoppable mission of the Lord Jesus!

Brendan Willis