Pray For SGC Midland, Texas

It’s been a big week for our brothers and sisters in North America. This is an email I got in from Mark Prater late last week. Let’s please be praying for our brothers and sisters in Texas…

Hey Guys,

As you may know there was a shooting in Odessa and Midland, TX today. Five people have died and there are 21 injured. I received a text from Billy Raies, Sr. Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church in Midland, TX this evening asking for prayer for his city. No members of Sovereign Grace Church-Midland were injured. However, they do have 3 police officers who are members of their church. None of the police officers were injured, but this obviously affects them. Please pray for Midland and pray that God would use Sovereign Grace Church to bring hope and care for their community. Please pray for those in law enforcement including the 3 officers who are members of Sovereign Grace Church.

Thanks for praying. It’s a meaningful expression of the partnership we have in our family of churches.


Dave Taylor