Pray for Sovereign Grace Bahamas


This is an update I received from Cedric Moss, Senior Pastor of our SG Church in the Bahamas, via Mark Prater. Let’s please be praying for this dear Church and Country…

I've experienced the kindness of many friends outside of The Bahamas who have been in touch to check on me, my family, and my church family, to see how we are faring during Hurricane Dorian and to assure us of their thoughts and prayers.

As many of you are aware, The Bahamas is a chain of islands, so it is not unusual for some of our islands to be hit by hurricanes while others are spared. In the providence of God, the island on which I reside, New Providence (of which Nassau is the capital), is not in the direct path of Dorian. On the western end of the island where I reside, we are currently experiencing light rain and a gentle breeze, and this is not expected to change much, except in the coastal areas around the island, where there are sea swells.

However, our two northernmost islands, Abaco and Grand Bahama, are directly in Dorian's path. Abaco has been, and continues to be, battered by Dorian, which is packing wind speeds of 185 mph and heavy rains, resulting in serious flooding. I've seen heart wrenching videos of houses destroyed and many desperate people trapped in unsafe buildings, praying and crying out to God for protection and to be rescued.

What is sad is Dorian is massive and slow moving, crawling at 5 mph, and projected to be over Abaco for 40 plus hours and Grand Bahama for 50 plus hours, resulting in jaw dropping flooding.

Grand Bahama island is in close proximity to Abaco and is poised to be hit by Dorian in few hours, and the devastation there is expected to be worse than Abaco because Grand Bahama has historically been our most frequently hit island by hurricanes, and the island has not fully recovered from two past hurricanes. Some homes still have tarpaulin on unrepaired rooves, and Dorian is our strongest hurricane on record. The anticipated damage is unimaginable.

All this to say that while all is well on New Providence, we still need much prayers, especially for wisdom to know how to respond in the face of such devastating losses. As we do our best to serve others, our greatest desire is to hold out the hope of Jesus Christ and his gospel, which is our greatest need, especially in the face of a fierce storm.

Thanks once again for your concern, thoughts, and prayers.

Dave Taylor