Sunday Recap: A Cautionary Tale


Sunday Recap: A Cautionary Tale!

This past Sunday we took a look at Exodus 17:1–7 and the story of Israel in Meribah and Massah. Dave Taylor unpacked the passage to help us see that it is a clear warning to us of how not to treat God. We ought not grumble against God and malign his good character, nor put him on trial and demand he prove his faithfulness.

We then examined the many other Scriptures that help us learn from the Israelites and avoid their mistakes at Meribah.

1. We ought to remember his works and not forget as they did (Psalm 106:8-14)

2. We ought to depend on our rock and not forsake him as they did (1 Cor 10:1-4) 

3. We ought to exhort and encourage one another and not grumble as they did (Heb 3:7-13)

Praise God for this cautionary tale!

Brendan Willis