Sunday Recap: God's Empowering Presence

This past week we took a break from our series in Exodus to look into what the Bible teaches us about the role of the Holy Spirit as we prepare for our church retreat this coming weekend. Looking at John 16:4b-7 we saw that the Holy Spirit’s empowering presence reveals Christ’s presence and illuminates His work, is invariably broad, will most often include a discernibly dynamic dimension, and is ongoing and continuous. All the gifts and manifestations of the Spirit are given so that the church might see Christ more clearly, and that the church may be built up and encouraged. And so we eagerly desire the spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 14:1) because we want to see Christ more clearly and build each other up with them.

‘My conclusion then is this: I truly believe that the real problems, the painful struggles, and our diminishing impact won’t be solved short of a fresh infusion of power – not just any power mind you, but spiritual
power, the kind of power that human flesh can’t produce and education can’t conceive and revamped programs can’t strategise. The church desperately needs the power of her Lord and the energy and activity of the Holy Spirit.’
— Sam Storms, ‘The Beginner's Guide To Spiritual Gifts’

If you haven’t yet had a chance to listen to the sermon you can check it out here:

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New Song: When You Move

We responded to the message with a song that we’ll be singing at our retreat this weekend. It’s new for some, and a reminder for others. The song helps us put into words a desire for more of Christ and a desire for Him to work in our lives and our church.

You can listen to it here:


Father, come reveal the love that You've freely given us

Poured from Calv'ry like a flood, we look to You

Spirit, move and shine Your light, change our hearts and fill our minds

With the radiance of Christ, we look to You, we look to You

For when You move, our lives are changed

We know a taste of heaven here

We're crying out for more of You Lord, come and move

Father, You know all our needs, long before we even speak

But Your heart is what we seek, we look to You

Jesus, come and build Your church, let Your gospel fill the earth

Till the day that You return, we look to You, we look to You

Words and Music by Steve and Vikki Cook © 2011 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)

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Glen Jones