Sunday Recap: True Contentment!

Last Sunday was a wonderful morning of gathering around God’s Word as we heard from Brendan on the last of the ten commandments.

We began the morning with a special time of prayer for a new Sovereign Grace church plant happening in Santa Cruz Bolivia in January next year. If you’d like to find out more about how you can pray for David and Jorge as they step out to preach Christ in this new city you can watch their video here.

Brendan then opened God’s word to us to preach from Exodus 20:17 on the final commandment, ‘You shall not covet’. Brendan examined 3 key questions to help us understand what this last commandment is about:

1. What does the 10th commandment mean? Brendan helped us to see that covetousness is a sin of the heart that involves deeply desiring what belongs to someone else and is driven by idols of the heart.

2. How can I detect the presence of covetousness? Brendan examined Kevin DeYoungs 4 signs from his book ‘The 10 Commandments’: 1. If you’ve hurt others to gain more for yourself, 2. If you’re preoccupied with making or accumulating more, 3. If you refuse to give up what you already have, 4. If you’re constantly grumbling about your state in life.

3. How can I find true contentment? Finally, Brendan helped us to see that true contentment is found in the power and presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is by drawing close to him and trusting in his sovereign power and presence that we can find true contentment regardless of circumstance.

If you missed the message you can find it on our SoundCloud page.

Brendan Willis