Young Adults Recap: Decision Making & The Will Of God

We had a wonderful night last Sunday with our Young Adults as we gathered to look at what the Bible teaches about decision making. Brendan helped us to see that rather than us being in the focus, the Bible describes God as being a good shepherd who leads his sheep! Therefore, we can have confidence that God will guide us in big and small decisions as long as we have hearts that are willing to be led.

If you missed the night you can listen to the talk here.

Also, Brendan based a lot of his message on Bruce Waltke’s book ‘Finding The Will of God’. Don’t be put off by the terribly bland cover, it’s an amazing book that’s easy to read and contains wonderful insight that will serve anyone looking to improve in their openness to being guided by God. We have several copies available for purchase at the book shop for $22 each.

Brendan Willis