8. Difficult Obedience

Date: 07 Oct 2018

Preacher: Riley Spring

Bible passage: Exodus 4:18-31

This week we dive back into Exodus with Riley fresh off the plane from the US! We pick up where we left off a couple of weeks ago with Moses obeying God's call and preparing to go to Egypt to confront Pharoah.

Riley helps us understand and appreciate the call that God has made of Moses, and the difficult obedience that is required on his part. The take home lesson from the message being that "Following our sovereign God requires difficult obedience".

In this call to obedience we also see how easy it is for us to fall into disobedience, and through this passage we are also made aware of the consequences of this disobedience - death. But don't lose heart, because there is hope.. we have hope in Jesus Christ who came to live the perfect life and to be the blood ransom for our sin.

Dave Taylor