3. Pursuing and Growing In The Gifts of The Spirit

In this session Mark helped us with some biblically based thoughts for how we can pursue and grow in the gifts of the Spirit.

Pursuing and Growing in the Spiritual Gifts

  1. Pursue God

  2. Pursue Love

  3. Pursue Faith

  4. Pursue Opportunities

Thoughts on Getting Started

  1. Pray

  2. Step Out In Faith

  3. Get Input From Those Around You

Giving Prophetic Words

  1. Remember God’s Purpose: Edification

  2. Ask God If He Wants You To Share The Prophetic Word

  3. Don’t Presume To Know The Interpretation and Application

  4. Share Your Prophetic Word With Humility

  5. Sharing Prophetic Words That Seem More Corrective In Nature

  6. Avoid Using “Thus Sayeth The Lord” Language

Glen Jones