1. Christians Are Spiritual People

Mark Prater takes us to 1 Corinthians 12 and reminds us that we are spiritual people. We can so easily get lulled into the pressures of life and forget to be aware of the Spirit’s presence and work in and around us.

“The failure to recognize the Holy Spirit as personally present in our lives is widespread in the churches today. Even where Christians know about the Holy Spirit doctrinally, they have not necessarily made a deliberate point of getting to know him personally. A normal relationship with the Holy Spirit should at least approximate the Old Testament experience described in Psalm 139: a profound awareness that we are always face to face with God; that as we move through life the presence of his Spirit is the most real and powerful factor in our daily environment; that underneath the momentary static of events, conflicts, problems and even excursions into sin, he is always there.” ~ Richard Lovelace